Contact: Rep. Amanda Stuck

Bi-partisan Legislation Moves forward, Partisan Gridlock Leaves Major Challenges Unaddressed

MADISON, WI – Rep. Amanda Stuck (D-Appleton) issued the following statement in reaction to Governor Evers’ State of the State Address.

“While I am glad that most of the Legislation passed this session has been bi-partisan in nature, unfortunately too many of the largest challenges facing the State of Wisconsin have been left unaddressed due to the divisiveness and partisan rancor in the State Legislature.”

“Issues like healthcare affordability, including the prices of prescriptions, co-pays, and insulin haven’t seen bi-partisan support for solutions. In addition, issues facing the economy like the impact of the trade wars on our vital manufacturing and agricultural industries, and the underemployment of so many in our community, all of these issues were not addressed during the last year.”

“Perhaps it is because Legislative districts have been gerrymandered to make sure that most Legislators are safe from challengers from the other side of the aisle, therefore they can dig their heels in, appeal to their party base, and not have to actually sit down, find agreement, and compromise to find solutions to the major challenges facing our State. It’s not too late for the Legislature to solve that problem, by adopting non-partisan redistricting reform in Wisconsin.”

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