MADISON– Melissa Sargent (D-Madison) released the following statement announcing an endorsement from Erin Thornley-Parisi for her candidacy for Wisconsin’s 16th Senate District:

“Today I am proud to share an endorsement from Erin Thornley-Parisi,” said Sargent. “Erin’s directorship and advocacy has been an essential asset to our communities, ensuring that each and every voice is treated with dignity and respect.”

Erin Thornley-Parisi has worked in leadership roles for decades to end sexual violence and promote awareness in Dane County. Thornley-Parisi worked as the Director of Development at the Wisconsin Institute for Learning Disabilities/Dyslexia and the Public Affairs & Government Relations Manager at Madison College. Thornley-Parisi is also a member of NAACP Dane County. In 2016, Thornley-Parisi received the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health Woman of Courage Award.

“Melissa Sargent consistently demonstrates the courage, reason, compassion, and skills that are critical to our state legislature. She is a tenacious champion for victims of sexual assault, for women, our children, and for others whose voices are too often missing,” said Thornley-Parisi. “I want a highly effective State Senator and I know that not only is Melissa Sargent ready for the job on day one, but the skills she brings to the Senate are needed now more than ever.”

“I am honored to be endorsed by Erin,” said Sargent. “Erin’s service and life work has prioritized lifting up those who need it most. She is a stellar example of strong Dane County leadership, and I am grateful for her support.”

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