MADISON- State Representative Timothy Ramthun (R-Campbellsport) issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s incident at River Hill Park in Kewaskum:

Just after 3:00PM on August 24th, law enforcement received reports of a suicidal individual with a gun at River Hill Park in Kewaskum. Police immediately responded to the scene and made contact with the individual. Kewaskum Police, West Bend Police, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, and WI State Patrol all worked seamlessly together to get control of the situation and efficiently cordon off the area surrounding the park.

The situation concluded shortly after 5:30PM, with the individual in question deciding to take their own life. No other injuries to innocents or law enforcement were reported.

“A tragic event transpired in the heart of the 59th District yesterday, where a despondent individual sadly took their own life. However, no innocents or law enforcement personnel were hurt, which is beyond fortunate,” Rep. Ramthun stated. “When I arrived on the scene to observe for myself, the police presence was well-established and beyond secure, and they were working with the individual to de-escalate the situation. Despite the unfortunate outcome, I’d say their response was nothing short of phenomenal.”

“I wanted to sincerely thank all law enforcement personnel who were on the scene for their outstanding conduct. Safety of all involved was of the utmost priority and they displayed unmatched professionalism,” Rep. Ramthun added. “In addition, the bystanders were cooperative and respectful of police instructions. I know Kewaskum is beyond grateful to have such brave and capable men and women protecting the community.”

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