KENOSHA – Donald Trump has announced he will likely travel to Kenosha tomorrow amid recent demonstrations following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, leading the city to experience an influx of outsiders bringing several nights of arson, destruction, and violence, which culminated with an armed Illinois teenage vigilante shooting three and killing two people in our city.

In response, Representative Tod Ohnstad (D-Kenosha) provided the following statement:

“On behalf of the people I represent, I join with the Mayor, County Executive, and Governor to ask that President Trump not come to our community at this time.  After several nights of relative peace, at this time we need healing, and unfortunately a visit right now could create division.

If the President wants to support the people of Kenosha, he can ensure that our small businesses, county, and city receive every nickel of what they need to repair and rebuild following the week we have witnessed.  I would hope he would commit the Small Business Administration, FEMA, and the full force of the federal government to provide 100% financial support for the process of restoring Kenosha.

Now is a time for our city to come together and not to be divided or distracted from that mission.”

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