La Crosse, WI – Today at a campaign rally in Ohio, President Trump announced he would be renewing section 232 tariffs on imports of Canadian aluminum. Previous section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum were dropped in May of 2019 ​as part of the USMCA agreement. The USMCA agreement went into force on July 1, 2020.

Over 50% of United States aluminum is imported from Canada, while over half of the beer produced in America annually is packaged in aluminum cans or bottles.

“President Trump’s announcement today to raise tariffs on Canadian aluminum is extremely disappointing. This is not how we treat allies that we have recently agreed to a new trade deal with,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “These tariffs will also disproportionately harm Wisconsin’s storied beer industry, which is already facing weakened demand due to a national shortage of aluminum cans and a stagnant economy.”

According to a 2019 study by the beer institute, 62,856 jobs in Wisconsin are impacted by the beer industry and the industry contributes $9 billion annually to the state.

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