This weekend, people gathered across the state and country to condemn the murder of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis Police officers, demanding justice, and committing to determined action to address systemic racism.

“This is not just about the outcome of a murder at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve – this is the recognition that we have failed to create a culture where black people are seen as deserving of basic human decency and the unalienable right to life. Systemic change applies to more than just the laws, police or government. It applies to each and every one of us and will only happen if we are actually determined and committed to change within and collectively.

“But government at all levels has to commit to action. Democrats have and will continue to offer policy proposals aimed at addressing the underlying issues that have allowed systemic racism to continue permeating our communities. As we move into the next legislative session we, Democrats and Republicans, must take steps address the harsh reality that Wisconsin has the regrettable distinction of having the worst racial disparities for Black families in the nation. This is not new. We have been at this moment endless times for an endless amount of time. All the outrage and calls for action will ring hollow if no meaningful action is taken and nothing changes. From incarceration to education, to economic opportunity – we must do better to ensure Black Wisconsinites are treated equally in the eyes of the law and within our communities.”

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