Oconomowoc – Following a letter sent to the governor on May 21, 2020, Representative Barbara Dittrich (R-Oconomowoc), member of the Assembly Committee on Medicaid Reform and Oversight, has sought further clarification on the state’s strategy for addressing the care of our vulnerable senior population during the COVID-19 outbreak. Another follow up inquiry was sent on Friday, May 22nd. 

“On Monday, May 4, 2020, the administration announced plans to test every nursing home and worker in the state. It would help to assuage the concerns of Wisconsinites to learn how that plan is being executed. Additionally, the governor announced shortly after my initial letter was sent that he would be dedicating $100 million for long-term care, home and community based services, and emergency medical services. With senior care facilities currently operating at $150 million loss for the past two months, people want to know what portion of this $100 million will be going to our hardest hit and most vulnerable population in the state, senior citizens,” Rep. Dittrich stated. 

Rep. Dittrich’s follow-up letter also reminded the governor that the elderly and those closest to them would like to know how much of the $1 billion of federal CARES Act funding to statewide testing for COVID-19 and how much of the $150 million in PPE will be directed towards seniors. Further, she sought answers as to whether DHS has formulated any sort of visitation protocol to address the many individuals suffering from dementia and memory loss whose symptoms are being exacerbated by the isolation involved with COVID-19. 

“Again, my wish is to work with the governor and his administration on addressing these concerns so that Wisconsinites can be best served during this outbreak,” stated Rep. Dittrich. “Our seniors should at least be receiving the same aggressive attention and care as those who are in our prisons for committing a crime.”

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