Madison – State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R- Menomonee Falls) issued the following statement regarding Governor Evers’ decision to target businesses:

“Governor Evers’ flip-flopping on the business community over public health open records requests puts more burdens on businesses. The Governor now plans to fill the open records requests to list businesses with two or more cases of COVID-19. This assumes the businesses were at fault, on cases as far back as March of 2020, when so many other factors could have contributed to the virus. Just as the economy is beginning to rebound, it seems the Governor is hell bent on ignoring personal health and HIPPA requirements in order to shame employers with COVID-19 cases. These cases could never be directly attributed to the listed business and does nothing more than add another hardship to already struggling businesses. Wisconsin businesses have worked diligently to implement the CDC guidelines to provide a safe environment for their employees and customers. We should not be punishing them for everything they’ve had to sacrifice and overcome.

Adding the possibly of unjustified lawsuits adds more fear to our economy, leading to job loss and more unemployment. These flip-flops and lack of leadership will have terrible economic consequences.”

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