MILWAUKEE – A day after sending a letter (included after this statement) to Jefferson County, Kentucky Commonwealth’s Attorney Thomas Wine in support of arrested Kentucky Assemblywoman Attica Scott, State Rep. David Bowen (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement:

“Yesterday, I was proud to send a letter to Commonwealth’s Attorney Thomas Wine in support of Assemblywoman Attica Scott in Kentucky. I had the pleasure of visiting Louisville this past weekend, and during my conversations with activists on the ground and Assemblywoman Scott herself, it became clear to me that Assemblywoman Scott was being falsely accused by the Louisville Police Department, and that she in no way deserves to face the charges that have been levied against her. Furthermore, I remain disturbed by the trend on the part of police departments across the country of targeting protesters and elected officials who have been standing up for Black lives.”

On Thursday, September 24, Assemblywoman Attica Scott, the only Black female legislator in the state of Kentucky, was one of 24 people who were arrested by the Louisville Metro Police Department during protests following the grand jury decision to not bring charges against the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor. Assemblywoman Scott has been falsely accused of trying to burn down the Louisville Free Public Library’s Main Branch, even though her own video evidence shows that she was on the other side of the building from where the damage occurred. Assemblywoman Scott was exercising her First Amendment right to peaceful protest when she was arrested while she was peacefully seeking authorized sanctuary at a nearby church, before Louisville’s evening curfew went into effect. Assemblywoman Scott now faces numerous charges, including a felony “rioting” charge.

“In my letter, I called on Commonwealth’s Attorney Wine to drop the charges against Assemblywoman Scott, and against those American citizens who have been protesting peacefully in Louisville for change. Instead, Commonwealth’s Attorney Wine and District Attorneys across the country should be focusing their time and energy on listening and working with the community to root out the systemic racism that plagues the justice systems in which they play a part. Peaceful protest is an American right, and it is time for our justice system to recognize and respect that fact.”

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