The Dem PAC Priorities USA is out with a new TV ad knocking President Trump for downplaying the threat of COVID-19. The ad charges he’s failing America.

The ad is part of a previously announced $65 million buy in key states through Election Day. The new ad is running in the Green Bay, La Crosse/Eau Claire and Wausau/Rhinelander and includes broadcast and cable TV.

The group also released a new digital spot running in Wisconsin.

The narrator in the TV ad says Trump has downplayed the crisis from the beginning, playing a clip of him being asked in an interview if he was worried about a pandemic.

“No, not at all,” Trump says. “We have it totally under control.”

The narrator says Trump continues to downplay the threat even with 90,000 dead and is ignoring experts who are warning of a larger second wave with more deaths and destruction for the economy.

“Donald Trump is failing America,” the narrator says to close the spot.

The digital ad says Trump has declared “mission accomplished” even with 90,000 Americans dead, a million more sick and 30 million jobs lost.

See the TV ad:

See the digital spot:

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