Priorities USA is launching a series of new ads in Wisconsin targeting President Trump’s environmental record.

The new campaign, released with the League of Conservation Voters Victory Fund, features one mail and three digital ads that Priorities USA Wisconsin Outreach Director Cassidy Geoghegan said are aimed at 190,000 swing voters across Wisconsin.

Geoghegan told the ads are part of a $14 million buy across five other battleground states — including Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, North Carolina and Pennsylvania — and will target voters “through advanced modeling techniques.” She said the digital ads are running on Facebook, Verizon DSP, YouTube, Roku, Hulu, Pandora, and Google Search.

Two of the digital ads and the mailer hit Trump on water quality and PFAS chemical contamination. The first ad, titled “Safety,” says Trump is leaving military families unprotected.

“Donald Trump opposed a law to clean up toxic chemicals in drinking water linked to cancer on military bases and neighboring communities,” the ad says,

A second ad, titled “Consequences,” addresses the severity of the state’s PFAS contamination from the perspective of a pediatrician Elizabeth Neary.

“Toxic chemicals that cause cancer are in the water right here,” Neary says. “But the plans to clean it up were opposed by Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump has real consequences for our health.”

The third digital ad in the series hits Trump on climate change, featuring a clip of the president calling global warming “a hoax.”

See the digital ads:

See the mailer:

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