Brookfield, WI – Like it or not, the Covid-19 pandemic is not going away and Americans will have to adjust to a new world moving forward. Democrat Tom Palzewicz, running for the Fifth Congressional District seat, says new opportunities for a revised economy can mean jobs and a bright future for the country.

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, when America went from a largely agrarian society to a world manufacturing powerhouse, people have had to roll with the tide and adjust.  Palzewicz sees that as positive way to prepare for a new beginning.

“We need to change unemployment insurance into employment insurance for starters,” said Palzewicz. “The virus has taken its toll. We need to scale-up short term compensation programs.  Businesses under this plan would keep workers employed, but would by necessity cut hours.  The government would help make up the difference.  It’s a continuation of the Obama-Biden program that 27 states have adopted. When the crisis occurs, workers need to remain employed and receive their full pay and health benefits.  It has worked in Germany, so when the economy recovers, workers are ready to go. We need a plan for different sectors of the economy.”

Palzewicz supports the Biden plan, because small businesses get help in covering their worker’s pay, and get help with rent and non-payroll overhead. It calls for establishing 100% federal financing to catalyze far greater use of short-time compensation that can keep workers working and connected to their benefits and work relationships.  The plan would extend to Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands.  At present 23 states have no short-time compensation programs, so Palzewicz would work to extend that to all 50 states.

The plan would give a tax credit for employer’s extra healthcare costs. Enhancements to short-time compensation and unemployment insurance tied to the COVID-19 crisis should be automatically extended based on economic and health conditions, and renewed in future crises. The plan says workers and businesses should not be held hostage by partisans in Congress.  This plan fits with Palzewicz’s vision for businesses in the Fifth District.

“The pandemic hit the entire country hard, and there was no national plan in place, because the Trump Administration and the Republicans eliminated the agency that was tasked to handle a national health emergency,” said Palzewicz.  “The Obama-Biden Administration had a plan for how to handle the pandemic, but the Republicans scrapped it.  Scott Fitzgerald and the Republicans have done similar damage to Wisconsin. Moving forward, we need to re-establish this agency and have a plan in place and ready to go in the event of a second wave of this pandemic, or any other emergency situation.”

Palzewicz believes his plan is a sensible and very “doable” approach to doing business during a pandemic.  Working with the Biden Administration, Palzewicz will help to bring these necessary and beneficial changes to the Fifth District.

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