Brookfield, WI – Scott Fitzgerald, the Republican candidate for the Fifth Congressional District, is not debating or holding town hall events, not stating his position on issues, he’s not doing interviews, or even presiding over the Wisconsin Senate Senate. He is not doing anything to run for Congress. Instead, he is going to court once again to try to stop Governor Tony Evers from controlling COVID-19 in Wisconsin.

Even after President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 and was hospitalized at Walter Reed, Fitzgerald wants to stop the one action that the CDC considers the most effective means of protecting against the virus—wearing a mask. Fitzgerald, the Senate Majority Leader, joined a lawsuit against Governor Tony Evers for his mask mandate. Fitzgerald would rather litigate than legislate. Democrat Tom Palzewicz is running against Fitzgerald for the Fifth District seat in Congress to bring democracy back to government.

“Fitzgerald claims that the governor is not doing his job, that he is overstepping his authority while the nation watches the news of the president’s diagnosis,” said Palzewicz, “The reality is that Scott Fitzgerald isn’t doing his job. He heads up a state government with a full-time legislature but doesn’t ever seem to go to work. He is supposed to be running for Congress, but he doesn’t do that job either. No one knows his views on healthcare, climate change, or any other major issues facing this country. Scott Fitzgerald is doing nothing to run for Congress.

“Fitzgerald is counting on his gerrymandered district to propel him to Washington allowing him to avoid working in Washington just as he avoids working in Wisconsin. Who wouldn’t want that job?” Palzewicz explains.

“What will it take for Fitzgerald to understand this virus is a very real threat, not only to public health but to our national security?” Palzewicz asked. “Fitzgerald goes to court to open up Wisconsin and then watches from a distance as infection rates spike. He is on the wrong side of this issue, and it has gotten to the point where he poses a threat to public health by his refusal to take common-sense measures to fight the pandemic.

“Fitzgerald has no plan for fighting the pandemic. He has no plans for healthcare. He is willing to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA, Obamacare) but has nothing to replace it. Tens of millions would lose their coverage. He may also be considering cutting Medicare and Medicaid, further eroding what little millions of people have. He’ll cut Social Security, which for some seniors is all they have to live on. And for what purpose?”

“In reality, we have no idea what Fitzgerald will do because he won’t tells us,” Palzewicz continued. “Democracy dies when you can run for congress and don’t tell anyone what you’re planning to do when you get there.”

Palzewicz has maintained that the pandemic is not a political issue, but a public health issue. He has stated that it will take both Republicans and Democrats, working in cooperation, to create a plan for public health effectively. Palzewicz, a U.S. Navy veteran and former banker, has promised to work across the aisle and listen to all ideas.

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