Brookfield, WI – Under Governor Tony Evers’ “Badger Bounce Back” plan, Wisconsin was flattening the curve of Covid-19 and was well on its way to reopening the economy and getting people back to work. Then the Republicans, led by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, decided to sue. Covid-19 infections are now up nearly four fold in Wisconsin.

Their lawsuit made its way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the GOP won its case by a 4-3 margin. Since Fitzgerald took this action, Wisconsin has had a steady increase in Covid-19 cases, and the numbers are discouraging.  Tom Palzewicz, the Democratic candidate for the Fifth Congressional District, knows he needs to win to stop Fitzgerald, his likely opponent,  and end these harmful actions

“Look at New York, their cases are going down,” said Palzewicz.  “They had leadership, they had a plan and it worked.  Wisconsin was working too, before Fitzgerald and the Republicans sued. They took a public health crisis, politicized it and went to the highest court.  Look what’s happening.  That’s what Republican leadership has done for Wisconsin.

“Scott Fitzgerald says he wants to go to Washington and support the president.  He wants more of the same.  Wisconsin and the Fifth District deserve better. We need someone willing to stand up and do what’s right to save lives, not kowtow to political ‘bosses’  ”

Palzewicz has a different approach to problems and solutions—listening.

“I won’t tell you I have all the answers, but common sense says that you listen to the experts, the CDC and let competent scientific professionals do their job,” said Palzewicz.. “What do the Republicans do?  They ignore the guidelines, they flaunt not wearing masks in public and President Trump says we have cases of infection because we’re testing.

“The scientific community isn’t political, they are fact-based learners who desire to find a solution to a world-wide pandemic. But the Republicans just brush that aside and talk about economic prosperity because they are opening up the country.   They shout about freedom and wave the American flag.

“Look what’s happening.  Our cases in Wisconsin are going up.  Nation-wide we’ve lost over 125,000 people to this and it’s getting worse.  The Republican solution is to put a muzzle on the CDC.  That’s ridiculous.”

Palzewicz firmly believes that major adjustments in America’s public health policy are essential to the long-term well-being of the country.

“We need to put the brakes on ‘Trumpism’ and return to a civil, respectful and effective public discussion on health issues,” said Palzewicz.  “More of the same, more Republican authoritarian leadership, more of what got us in this mess has to stop.  Democrats will have to unite with the American people to bring this lunacy to an end.”

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