MADISON, Wis. — Today, Opportunity Wisconsin released the following statement after the Wisconsin State Supreme Court struck down the “Safer at Home” order. Cheering the decision, President Trump tweeted, “The people want to get on with their lives.”

“President Trump’s failure to lead has left the Badger State without a plan or the necessary resources to combat coronavirus,” said Melissa Bucholz, Opportunity Wisconsin steering committee member, Owner/Manager at Odd Duck & Little Duck Kitchen, and Executive DIrector of PRAWN. “It’s been 77 days since he said we’d soon have zero cases in the U.S. We now have over 1.4 million cases and 85,000 deaths nationwide, including over 420 of our friends and neighbors here in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the ruling from Wisconsin’s State Supreme Court nearly guarantees that number will continue to rise. It didn’t have to be this way.”

Earlier this week, Opportunity Wisconsin interviewed Angelina Wyatt, RN, a Milwaukee nurse on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

When asked what message she would send to President Trump, Wyatt replied, “There’s no plan, cure, or vaccine. Healthcare workers are dying because we don’t have the proper PPE. If you don’t have a medical background, please listen to the people who do.”

President Trump refuses to listen to experts as he pushes dangerous fake science, including a claim that coronavirus will just magically disappear “with or without a vaccine.” Not only is this making the crisis worse, President Trump’s bad medical advice could endanger Wisconsinites, who want to see more progress before they return back to normal life.

Read more about the conversation with Angelina here.

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