State Sen. Mark Miller, a Monona Dem who served as minority leader during the protests over Act 10, announced today on the Senate floor he will not seek reelection this fall.

Miller, who was elected to the Assembly in 1998 and the state Senate in 2004, bemoaned the partisanship that has gripped the Capitol. That includes a redistricting process that he said has created such safe seats that he hasn’t faced an opponent in the last two election cycles.

“Sadly, a winner-take-all culture has come to dominate not only our political campaigns, but also the way our government operates,” Miller said. “As a result, public confidence has eroded at both the national level and right here in our state, which for many years was regarded as a shining example of good government.”

Miller is the second Senate Dem to announce plans not to seek reelection this fall, joining Dave Hansen, of Green Bay. Unlike Hansen, Miller represents a safe Dem seat.


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