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The presidential race continued to be tight with 46 percent of voters backing presumptive Dem nominee Joe Biden and 43 percent supporting President Trump in the latest Marquette University Law School Poll.

That’s largely unchanged from 48-45 in late March.

Poll Director Charles Franklin said there’s also been a significant shift against the president for those voters who dislike both candidates.

Four years ago, exit polls showed Trump won a substantial majority of those voters.

But combining the four Marquette polls conducted this year, Biden leads 62-15 among voters who have unfavorable opinions of both candidates.

Polls nationally have found a similar dynamic.

Meanwhile, those with a favorable view of both candidates back Trump 61-27.

Franklin said the poll of voters who disapprove of both candidates is three times as large as the one that has favorable views of both.

The telephone poll of 811 registered voters was conducted May 3-7 with two-thirds of the interviews via cell phones and the rest over landlines. The margin of error was plus or minus 4 percentage points. The sample was 29 percent Republican, 28 percent Dem and 41 percent independent. The long-term trend is 30 percent Republican, 29 percent Dem and 40 percent independent.

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