“We Need Federal Aid, Not Federal Agents”

Leaders of One Milwaukee Task Force Issue Joint Statement

MILWAUKEE – Leaders of the One Milwaukee Task Force issued a joint statement Tuesday regarding President Trump’s announcement that he is sending federal law enforcement officers to Milwaukee.

Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marcelia Nicholson, Milwaukee Common Council President Cavalier Johnson, and Milwaukee Public School Board President Larry Miller released the following statement:

“Neither Milwaukee County, the City of Milwaukee, nor the Milwaukee Public Schools have requested that President Trump send federal agents Milwaukee.

“The President’s claim that he is sending federal law enforcement officers to several American cities to help fight violent crime is a transparent attempt to inflame tensions between local law enforcement and citizens exercising their constitutional rights to free speech and to assemble.

“The President’s actions have also served to undermine trusting relationships between local and federal government at a time when we desperately need to improve cooperation and collaboration.

“Instead of secret police, what we urgently need from the federal government is significant direct and flexible aid so that we can provide essential public services to our residents. We need federal aid, not federal agents.”

The One Milwaukee Task Force is an effort by the Milwaukee Common Council and Milwaukee Public Schools, and Milwaukee County to improve coordination between the three governments and improve the lives of local residents.

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