Barbara Harrington-McKinney, Madison Alder, District 1, endorses Amani Latimer Burris for State Senate, District 26, in the Democratic Primary on August 11.

In endorsing Latimer Burris, Harrington-McKinney says, “I am supporting Amani Latimer Burris because I have witnessed her extraordinary transformation into a committed and powerful leader. Amani has the background, education, and experience to tackle the many challenges we face.”

Harrington-McKinney was elected in April, 2015, one of two first African-American women elected to the Madison Common Council. She was reelected in 2017 and 2019.

Latimer Burris’ platform is based on economic dignity for everyone, specifically providing economic measures and stop-gaps for the people, businesses and institutions affected by COVID-19. Her platform also addresses social justice, equity, inclusion and reform including a call for transparency in policing. Latimer Burris says that we need to take on voting rights and work on environmental issues that impact our immediate and long-term future.

Latimer Burris has also been endorsed by Mayor Soglin, School Board President Gloria Reyes, and many other individuals and organizations.

The winner of the August primary will be the presumptive winner in the November 3rd general election, since there are no Republicans on the ballot.

The race for the State Senate seat being vacated by Fred Risser, the longest-serving state legislator in American history who is retiring after 58 years in public service, is a 7-way race. There are 5 candidates of color running for the seat. If Latimer Burris wins the August 11 primary, she will make history as the first African-American woman elected to the State Senate from Madison.

Latimer Burris, 51, is a life-long educator and has been a small business owner. She started out her career as a journalist. In June, she left her job with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin as an Organizer in Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties to make her first run for public office.

Amani’s parents are respected figures in the Madison community. Her father, James Latimer, is Professor Emeritus of Music at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her mother is the late Milele Chikasa Anana, Publisher Emeritus of UMOJA Magazine, and was a celebrated civil rights activist before her passing in May.

Latimer Burris decided to run for State Senate following her mother’s advice to be in the room where important decisions are made to affect change, in a positive way, for everyone.

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