By Chris Johnson, KINGFISHmke
August 7, 2020
The primary election next week on Tuesday, August 11th, will include State Assembly District #11 (AD #11) which geographically represents portions of the City of Milwaukee and the City of Glendale. The partisan election will include five candidates that will be reduced down to two candidates based on the results from primary election going in to the general election on Tuesday November 3, 2020.


The AD #11 is currently being represented by Rep. Jason Fields, who unsuccessfully ran for City of Milwaukee Comptroller in April 2020 and is not running for re-election of this State Assembly seat.


Running as a Republican for this traditionally Democratically elected seat is Orlando Owens. Long-time Republican and staff member of Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson. Owens is running unopposed as a Republican, meaning that he will not have a challenger in the primary election on Tuesday, August 11th, and will automatically be on the ballot for the general election in November.


The AD #11 Democratic Party Primary Election


There are four candidates running in the Democratic primary election. One of which, Dora Drake, is being supported both financially and strategically by members of the Republican party and Republican leaning school choice advocates like Rep. Jason Fields, Howard Fuller, Marvin Pratt and school choice lobbyist and advocate Calvin Lee with Republican sponsored American Federation for Children (AFC) who was most recently spotted hobnobbing in Green Bay, WI at the State of Wisconsin Republican Convention in July.


The best example of this kind of campaign strategy of Republicans running as Democrats in the City of Milwaukee is former Milwaukee County Sherriff David Clarke, who was supported by some of the same Republicans that are supporting and backing Dora Drake.


Ms. Drake has many supporters that do not believe she is a secret Republican operative like former Sheriff David Clarke, and that only makes sense. There are still people to this day that believe that Sheriff David Clarke is a Democrat, regardless of his public endorsement and praise for Republican U.S. President Donald Trump. All we can hope is that Ms. Drake is fully aware of the Republican support, control and financial involvement in her campaign and that she is not unknowingly being used by Republican school choice propagandists like American Federation for Children.


One example of Dora Drake’s Republican support that she may not be aware of is former WNOV 860AM and Resistance Radio 1560AM radio talk show host and Facebook Live commentator Sherwin Hughes. Sherwin Hughes has been a long-time advocate for Republican provocateur and political manipulator Craig Peterson and Libertarian Party National Director Eric O’Keeffe.


Another example of Ms. Drake’s Republican support comes from Milwaukee Community Journal; editor and long-time Sherriff David Clarke, National Rifle Association (NRA) and school choice supporter Mikel Holt. Uber Republican advocate Mr. Holt wrote a glaringly supportive article about Ms. Drake just as he did for Sherriff David Clarke when he found no fault in Sherriff David Clarke stating that Black people sell drugs because they are uneducated and lazy.


If Ms. Drake is not unaware that her political support comes from Republicans or is willing to admit to the registered voters of the 11th Wisconsin Aldermanic District that she is a naive Republican operative that is clueless as to who controls her campaign.
Either way you take it, the voters of the AD #11, and throughout, deserve full disclosure and transparency as it pertains to candidates’ financial sponsors, in particular special interest groups like the school choice initiative.


The voters of the AD #11 deserve to know who is controlling the purse strings even if they did not know what special interest group(s) controlled their previous elected representative.


This is not about any individual candidate running for office, it is about the district making the most informed choice when they cast a vote to elect a person to represent them at the state.


Any crying or bickering about informing the public as to who is sponsoring candidates running for elected office should be met with the highest level of scrutiny and question.
Why would anyone not want voters to be informed about who is financially supporting a candidate for an elected office? The only people not wanting voters to know who are supporting candidates are the people that are benefiting from voters not knowing.


History is potentially being made in the AD #11 November General Election – Two Republicans for first time.


The August 11, 2020 Primary Election next week will result in two candidates advancing to the General Election in November. This is a partisan election, meaning that candidates are affiliated with a political party, and in the AD #11 there will be a Republican Party candidate and a Democratic Party candidate.


One thing can be guaranteed, unopposed candidate Orlando Owens will be the Republican candidate in the General Election in November.


The question at hand is who will be Democratic candidate. As stated earlier, there are four candidates running to be that seat: Tomika Vukovic, Dora Drake, Carl Gates and Curtiss Cook II.


If Dora Drake wins in the AD #11 Democratic Primary on August 11th, this will be the first time in the history of AD #11 that you will have two Republican sponsored candidates headed to the General Election in November.
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