Jason Church, candidate for Congress in Wisconsin’s Seventh District, wrote an op-ed for the Leader-Telegram to express his approval of President Trump’s actions in Iran:

“In the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s courageous decision to remove Iranian general and terrorist Qassem Soleimani off the battlefield, Iran has made it clear its revolutionary regime will stop at nothing to export its agenda abroad. Over the last year alone, Iran has escalated its ruthless actions; however, the Iranian agenda to push through hard and proxy forces to disrupt and bring terrorism to the Middle East has been ongoing since the ayatollah took power in 1979.

“This agenda includes the creation and proliferation of nuclear weapons, threatening our allies in Israel and countless attacks on American and coalition forces. At no point has Iran shown a genuine interest in peaceful reform. Instead, Soleimani continuously disregarded the red line imposed by the Trump administration that killing Americans will not be tolerated.

“I stand by Trump’s decision to reinforce that red line, unlike the Obama administration and the Democrats who have consistently coddled and financed the Iranian regime. Taking a page from the pacifist playbook, the Obama administration brokered the 2015 Iran deal in the hopes of a denuclearized Iran. This included hundreds of millions in cash to the Iranian government as part of the agreement. Iran used these funds to continue financing its military and nuclear ambitions, helping it become the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. Iran appeased the Obama administration, but continued to fund terrorist activities around the globe, specifically in Iraq and Afghanistan where I saw firsthand the militant actions of these terror groups who will do anything to kill Americans.”

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