U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who won Wisconsin’s 2016 presidential primary but pulled just 31.7 percent of the vote against Biden in April, addressed the state Dem convention digitally with a call to unity.

Sanders dismissed Trump as someone who appears to have never read the U.S. Constitution and said there are two major issues facing Dems.

One is to defeat what he called the most dangerous president in modern history.

The other is to continue fighting for an economy and a health care system that works for all. Sanders acknowledged that Dems don’t agree on all issues, pointing to his own disagreements with colleagues on some fronts.

Still, he said that can’t undercut the task at hand.

“At this part moment, our job clearly must be to elect Joe Biden as our next president and defeat Donald Trump,” Sanders said. “Let’s all go forward in doing that.”

Trump spokeswoman Anna Kelly charged Dems had Sanders speak to the convention because “no one is excited about Joe Biden,” who she said “is continuing to hide in his basement.

“The Democrats stand no chance at turning the Badger State blue,” she said.

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