U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman, R-Glenbeulah, directed GOP activists to memorize a speech for their neighbors and others who don’t like that Donald Trump tweets so much to make sure they understand it would be a “disaster for this country if he loses.”

Grothman laid out the talking points for them: Trump cut down illegal immigration, tore up NAFTA, stood up to the Veterans Administration, fought the prescription drug companies and paved the way for the U.S. to become an energy exporter for the first time.

“We have a different kind of president,” Grothman said. “You have to remind the public of what a caring president we have.”

Grothman, whose voice cracked several times during his speech, also credited Trump with a drop in murders during the first two years of his term, though he allowed it “might not go that way in the fourth year.” But Grothman insisted that was due to “goofy mayors.”

He also urged Republicans to research the founders of Black Lives Matter, saying they’re Marxists. He charged that Marxists in general want to destroy the nuclear family because they fear families will produce citizens more loyal to their relatives than to the government.

He also warned against the push to repeal qualified immunity for police officers.

Grothman said that push is meant to undercut officers anytime they arrest someone, tackle someone or are “too rough.”

He insisted the only one stopping that change form happening is Trump. 

“The day he leaves, you’re going to see a change in law that when a policeman goes to arrest somebody, they’re going to be looking over their shoulder,” Grothman said.


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