(Fond du Lac, WI) – Today, Congressman Grothman introduces the Farmers for Glenn coalition. This coalition highlights the hardworking men and women within the agricultural community throughout the 6th Congressional District. The 6th District is home to many of Wisconsin’s farms and agriculture production jobs, playing a major role in our state and national economies.


“I am honored to receive the support from so many hardworking men and women within our district’s agriculture industry. I have worked alongside farmers to ensure greater sustainability and protection of dairy and crop farmers throughout our district. I am committed to opening more markets for their products at home and abroad to ensure the success of the agriculture industry in Wisconsin,” Grothman said.


“Glenn has always been a great supporter of agriculture. He truly understands what actually goes on on the farm.”

Cal Dalton, Columbia County Farmer.


Farmers for Glenn includes men and women throughout the 6th Congressional District who are publicly endorsing him. You can find more information on the coalition here.

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