President Trump failed to break 42 percent support when paired with four potential Dem rivals in a new poll of Wisconsin voters conducted for Fox News.

Still, the margins in the presidential race were closer than the last time the network polled in early October.

Joe Biden was backed by 46 percent of voters polled, while 41 percent backed Trump. That was down from a nine-point Biden advantage in October.

Meanwhile, it was Bernie Sanders 46, Trump 42; Elizabeth Warren 44, Trump 42; and Pete Buttigieg 42, Trump 41.

Forty-six percent of those surveyed approved of the job Trump is doing, while 53 percent disapproved. In October, his split was 44-54.

Forty-four percent said they support the Senate removing Trump from office, while 48 percent were opposed.

Among possible Dem primary voters, Biden was backed by 23 percent, while 21 supported Sanders. Warren was next at 13 percent, Buttigieg was at 9 percent and Michael Bloomberg was at 7 percent.

The poll of 1,504 Wisconsin voters was conducted using live interviewers on landlines and cell phones under the direction of Beacon Research and Shaw & Company. The poll included 671 who were identified as potential participants in the Dem presidential primary.

The poll’s overall margin for error was plus or minus 2.5 percentage points, while it was plus or minus 3.5 percentage points for Dem primary voters.

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