Local election officials in 22 Fox Valley municipalities today broadly agreed the best way to count thousands of ballots that can’t be read by vote tabulators is to manually fix the misprint with a pen.

County clerks overseeing those 22 jurisdictions yesterday asked the state Supreme Court in an emergency petition to allow local election officials to fix a fingernail-sized defect in a so-called “timing mark” by hand.

In eight separate filings with the high court today, all but one of the 22 local officials agreed that manually fixing the timing marks was the best solution. The lone outlier, the village of Black Creek, did not take a position on a potential remedy and left it to the court to decide.

See their filings below:
Black Creek
Buchanan, Maple Creek, Combined Locks
Center, Cicero, Grand Chute, Maine, Osborn, Harrison, Kimberly
Hortonville, Nichols, Shiocton, Bovina, Ellington, Freedom, Oneida, Seymour

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