Gov. Tony Evers said Wisconsin “persevered” in this year’s spring election because of mail-in voting in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a Democratic Governors Association Facebook panel ahead of the final night of Dem National Convention programming, he encouraged Wisconsinites to again request absentee ballots if they’re uncomfortable voting in-person. But he urged every single person in the state to make sure to get out to vote in some manner this November.

“There’s no more important election in our lifetime than this one in November,” Evers told viewers. “If we lose just a handful of seats, namely six, my veto will mean nothing.”

He called Wisconsin the most gerrymandered state in the union after an entirely GOP-controlled government drew the current political maps in 2011.

And he suggested the Republican legislature will most likely come up with “even worse” maps this time after the 2020 Census, and that he will then veto them.

Republicans need to pick up only six seats in the legislature — three in the Senate and three in the Assembly — to hold veto-proof majorities in both houses.

See the video:

#DemGovsGetItDone: Progress in Red & Purple States

#DemGovsGetItDone: Progress in Red & Purple States

Posted by Democratic Governors Association (DGA) on Thursday, August 20, 2020

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