The November election is about returning “kindness, respect, empathy, and civility back to the White House,” Gov. Tony Evers told the Democratic National Convention Wednesday.

As other Wisconsin speakers at the convention have done, Evers bemoaned that delegates couldn’t convene in Milwaukee, “but the pandemic means we can’t do that this year.”

Still, Evers said the delegates have a “shared sense of purpose” in electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris even though they can’t be together.

He then cast the election as an opportunity to change the tone coming out of the White House, a nod to President Trump’s controversial style. Evers said Biden and Harris represent bringing positive qualities back to the White House.

“Because they know — especially during challenging times like these — the problems we face can only be solved by all of us, together,” Evers said from Milwaukee as he kicked off the third night of the convention. “Holy mackerel, folks, let’s get to work.”

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