The president’s son Eric Trump today knocked speakers at the Dem National Convention for failing to support police and criticized protests in cities such as Portland, Chicago and Seattle that have turned violent.

Addressing the Milwaukee Police Association for about 10 minutes, Trump said Dems don’t take time to thank law enforcement and he mocked calls to redirect funding for police to other programs such as social workers. He asked how social workers would deal with a robbery, for example.

“I’m telling you we’re on the right side of this issue,” Trump said.

He also said his father ran against incompetence four years ago and derided the idea Joe Biden would fix those issues after he already had more than 45 years in office.

Trump also painted a dire picture of the country when his father took office, sometimes in misleading terms. At one point, he said the U.S. had the highest taxes in the world. Prior to the tax overhaul President Trump signed in 2017, the income top tax rate for a married couple in the U.S. was 39.6 percent. In Sweden, the top income tax rate for 2019 was 57.2 percent, according to the Tax Foundation. The top corporate tax rate was 35 percent; the United Arab Emirates corporate tax rate was 55 percent in 2019.

Dem AG Josh Kaul fired back at Eric Trump that speakers at the Dem convention sought to unite, not divide, and were focused on the “American people, not themselves.”

“The contrast between what we heard last night and what we’ve heard from the Trump administration could hardly be more glaring,” Kaul said.

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