“Holding public office requires more than just being responsive to the people who elected you to serve them; it requires being proactive on their behalf, anticipating needs and seeking out relationships fundamental for problem-solving. Jessi has proactively reached out to learn about the issues that matter to Richland County. We have discussed the need to improve access to mental health services and opportunities for rural employment. She will take these matters with her to Washington, D.C. and be a champion for rural Wisconsinites. Jessi’s assertiveness and energy will get the results we need, and she has my endorsement to represent Wisconsin’s 3rd District in Congress.”

James Bindl
Richland County Sheriff

James Bindl has been in the elected role of Richland County Sheriff since 2015. He started his career in law enforcement in 1992. Bindl is also a United States Marine Corps veteran.

“It is an honor to be endorsed by Sheriff James Bindl. He is a hard-working public servant who knows the challenges of our rural communities and is determined to adequately equip our law enforcement officers to address them. I share his passion for serving the people of Richland County, and I look forward to working alongside him and bringing his experiences and voice to the People’s House.”

Jessi Ebben
Candidate for U.S. Congress, WI-03
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