TOMAH – Saturday, Republican congressional candidate in Wisconsin’s 3rd District, Jessi Ebben, led a Back the Badge Rally and a protest outside of Rep. Ron Kind’s office in La Crosse. In addition to demonstrating support for law enforcement, Ebben called Kind to account for betraying local law enforcement by cosponsoring the Justice in Policing Act that would get rid of qualified immunity and demanded to know where he stands on defunding the police.

In response to an inquiry from WKBT-TV, Kind’s office provided a statement that failed to answer these questions. Ebben issued the following statement in response to Kind’s continued silence.

“If Kind remains silent about where he stands on defunding the police, ‘hard conversations’ only amount to publicity stunts. He knows he betrayed our sheriffs and police chiefs the last time he held a meeting with them and didn’t listen to their concerns. He turned his back on them by cosponsoring an extreme bill that would remove qualified immunity alongside radicals like AOC and Ilhan Omar,” Ebben said. “Now he is hiding from his record and constituents by having his staff send a statement to the media. This is unacceptable. The question is simple: Ron Kind, do you want to defund the police or not?”

Ebben leads protest outside of Rep. Ron Kind’s office in La Crosse
Back the Badge Rally at corner of Lowsey Blvd S and State Rd in La Crosse
Former Police Chief of La Crosse, Ed Kondracki, and his wife Cheryl join Ebben for Back the Badge Rally at corner of Lowsey Blvd S and State Rd in La Crosse
Jessi Ebben is a Republican candidate in Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District and a public relations professional from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


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