Joe Biden and the late John McCain featured in “An Unlikely Friendship,” produced by Davis Guggenheim

MILWAUKEE—Tonight, in a new video released at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, the voices of longtime friends Vice President Joe Biden and the late Senator John McCain remind us of the power of the kind of leadership that puts friendship and respect over party and politics—the kind of leadership our nation so desperately needs right now.

Narrated by Octavia Spencer, “An Unlikely Friendship” shows two men who time and time again were able to find common ground, cross the aisle, and come together in our nation’s most critical hours of need for the sake of the American people. That’s the kind of leader Joe Biden will be.

Featured in tonight’s video:

  • Octavia Spencer—American actress, author, and producer

  • Cindy McCain—Widow of United States Senator John McCain

  • Ron Klain—Former Chief of Staff to Vice President Biden

  • Ted Kaufman—Former United States Senator (D-DE); Former Chief of Staff to Senator Biden

  • Cecilia Munoz—Former Director of White House Domestic Policy Council

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