City of Racine – Today, Tara Coolidge, the City Clerk for the City of Racine, announced the locations of secure absentee ballot drop boxes throughout the City, as well as the times and locations of in-person absentee voting. For the convenience of City residents, the Clerk has also launched a new website,, where information about voter registration, how to request an absentee ballot, sign up to be a poll worker, and much more is posted. The City Clerk also announced that several clerk staff will serve as Voter Ambassadors who, at the request groups or organizations, can attend events in the community to help register voters and answer questions about absentee ballots.

“The City’s goal is to make sure that every eligible voter has the ability to cast their ballot this November. In the middle of a pandemic, voters need more access points to make sure they can vote safely. We want you to know your options and to be able to make a voting plan. Whether you want to vote by mail, in-person absentee, or on Election Day, we
have you covered,” said Racine City Clerk Tara Coolidge.

For in-person absentee voting (also known as “early voting”), the following locations will be staffed and ready to assist voters with casting ballots prior to Election Day:

All Day Locations include:
 Festival Hall- 55th  St
o October 20th  through October 30th , 8AM-5PM, Monday through Friday
o w/ additional hours
 Saturday, October 24th  11AM-3PM
 Saturday, October 31st 11AM-3PM
 Sunday, November 1st 10AM-4PM

 Cesar Chavez Community Center- 2221 Douglas Ave & Knapp Elementary- 2701 17th  St
o October 20th  through October 30th , 9AM-4PM, Monday through Friday

Morning hours and locations: October 20th  through October 30th , 9AM-12PM, Monday through Friday at:
 John Bryant Community Center- 601 Caron Butler Dr
 Roosevelt Elementary – 915 Romayne Ave
 Humble Park Community Center- 2200 Blaine Ave

Afternoon hours and locations: October 20th  through October 30th , 1PM- 4PM, Monday through Friday at:
 Tyler Domer Community Center- 2301 Twelfth Street
 Gilmore Elementary- 2330 Northwestern Ave
 Starbuck Middle School- 1516 Ohio St

Evening hours and location begin: October 20th  through October 30th , 4:30PM- 8PM, Monday through Friday at:
 Gateway Technical College – 1001 Main St (back parking lot by Lake Michigan)

Please note that voting will be conducted in the clearly marked mobile offices stationed at the listed locations in their parking lots – NOT in the buildings themselves.

Secure absentee ballot drop boxes are in the process of being installed and will be available citywide by Tuesday, October 13 th . Voters can return their completed absentee ballots at these secure drop boxes, 24/7. The boxes will be installed at the following locations:

1.      Festival Hall- 5 Fifth Street
2.      Dr. John Bryant Community Center- 601 Caron Butler Dr.
3.      Tyler-Domer Community Center- 2301 Twelfth Street
4.      Julian Thomas School- 930 M.L. King Drive
5.      Roosevelt Elementary- 915 Romayne Ave
6.      Cesar Chavez Community Center- Douglas Avenue
7.      Gilmore School- 2330 Northwestern Avenue
8.      Dr. M.L. King Jr. Community Center- 1134 M.L. King Drive
9.      Knapp Elementary School- 2701 17 th  S
10.   Mitchell School- 2701 Drexel Avenue
11.   Humble Park Community Center- 2200 Blaine Avenue
12.   Ohio Street across from Goodland School at the intersection of Ohio and Graceland
13.   Starbuck Middle School- 1516 Ohio St
14.   Jerstad – Agerholm School- 3601 La Salle Street
15.   Gateway Technical College- 1001 Main St
16.   City Hall- 730 Washington Ave

The City, through a grant from the Center for Tech and Civic Life, has also funded Voter Ambassadors who are available to attend events or come to organizations to help register voters and answer questions about absentee ballots.

Requests for services from the Voter Ambassadors should be emailed to [email protected]

While the City Clerk does not anticipate a shortage of poll workers for this election, the City is still accepting applications for poll workers. Interested individuals should visit to fill out an application.

On Election Day, voters should head to their normal polling location. Voting will be held inside the polling locations with proper COVID-19 precaution in place. While voting will be held traditionally this election, the City of Racine will be the first large city in the state of Wisconsin to move to fully electronic poll books, known as Badger Books. Voters will now
sign these digital poll books instead of paper copies. The Badger Books allow voters to move through the process in a more secure and efficient way.

The City’s new website – – contains useful information about how to register, how to request an absentee ballot, along with early vote times and locations. Residents can also follow the Racine Clerk’s office on Facebook and Instagram for updates and information.

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