Wisconsin State Senate Candidate Amani Latimer Burris to spend the next 8 days, until the election, campaigning in the United Bus reaching out to a variety of Madison Neighborhoods


Amani Latimer Burris, candidate for Wisconsin State Senate, plans to spend the next eight days in her campaign RV, the United Bus, visiting neighborhoods all over Madison to spread her message that we can be “United in Our Differences.” When not talking with voters, physically distanced and with a mask on, she will work, eat, and sleep in the RV, which serves as her campaign office.


Latimer Burris, who simply goes by the name Amani, says she plans to give her all to her campaign for the next eight days by staying in the United Bus. “I’m absolutely committed to making a difference in this campaign. I know that we have got to come together collectively to build a peaceful future that works for everyone. That means reaching out and getting people out to vote.”


Amani came up with the idea of painting their RV and using it as a campaign bus as an innovative way of campaigning during the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing visibility of the campaign while maintaining physical distance for safety from the virus. “ I know for a lot of candidates who do not have a lot of money or name recognition, COVID-19 has made it extremely difficult to run a campaign.  In effect, it favors those who already have run for office so I thought it’s time to think out of the box, like out in a 37 foot box.”


Amani, 51, who has never run for office, recently  left her job as a field organizer for the Wisconsin Democratic Party.  She has  been endorsed by Mayor Paul Soglin, Madison Public School Board President Gloria Reyes, Alder Barbara Harrington-McKinney, and many other individuals and organizations.  If elected Amani would be the first African American and woman elected to the Wisconsin State Senate from Madison.

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