Joe Biden, Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and a lineup of top Wisconsin Dem politicos urged viewers to organize and fight ahead of what several of the speakers labeled as the most consequential election in their lifetimes.

Biden in a pre-recorded message kicked off an hour-long pre-programming segment hosted by the state Dem party ahead of the final night of the Democratic National Convention. The newly minted Dem presidential nominee pledged to expand Obamacare and “take on the scourge of systemic racism” before mispronouncing Gov. Tony Evers’ last name.

“We know your spirit, we know your resolve and we’re counting on you to send Kamala and me to the White House,” he said.

In a four-minute address, Evers framed November as “easily the most important election ever.”

“America deserves a president who will hear their trials and troubles and lend a hand, a listener, not a president who seeks the comforts of one of the many golf resorts when they get tired of the job,” he said.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett echoed that sentiment, adding “the stakes for our democracy have literally never been higher.”

“What (President Trump) would do to our democracy, to our institutions because of his thirst for power and his complete passion about himself and his friends only, is downright scary,” Barrett said.

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes and Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley also addressed the virtual program, taking turns praising the conventions organizers and stressing the importance of defeating Trump.

“To put it very plainly, the road to the White House goes right through the state of Wisconsin,” said Baldwin, D-Madison. “We have a very special responsibility this election cycle to turn Wisconsin blue, to make sure that Wisconsin elects Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

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