Joe Biden told the Wisconsin delegation today Trump “waved the white flag” on addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When it comes to the pandemic, after months of failure, he just gave up,” Biden said of Trump during an online meeting with the Wisconsin delegation, according to a pool report. “You know, I used to think it was because of his personality, but I just don’t think he can intellectually handle it. I don’t think he’s competent enough to know what to do. He just waved the white flag.”

Biden was also sympathetic to those disappointed that the party shifted away from an in-person convention due to the pandemic. He called it “bittersweet” that we “can’t show the world quite as much just what a decent, strong city Milwaukee is.”

But he noted it was the responsible choice to move to the new format.

“You’ve spent so much time, effort, and money to make sure we’d have the convention in Wisconsin, in Milwaukee,” Biden said. “But you’re so damn responsible, and we can’t be like this other guy putting people in harm’s way.”

He said the state is still making history.

“Wisconsin is making history — not by nominating me, but because you’re now anchoring the most creative and inclusive convention we’ve ever seen,” he said.

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