Last night, Wisconsin leaders took to the airwaves on local news stations across the Badger State to applaud Joe Biden’s decision to select Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Congressman Mark Pocan, State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, State Representative and congressional candidate Amanda Stuck, and State Senator Janet Bewley praised Harris’ selection as a win for the middle class and working people.

Watch more of the announcements below:

Congresswoman Gwen Moore discussed why Harris is “a perfect selection”  on Fox6 in Milwaukee.

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Congresswoman Gwen Moore: “I think she is just the perfect selection…I think she’s perfect for this moment. Not only from the practical side from being a prosecutor, but because she can lean into the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Moore said Harris’ selection is “aspirational” on CBS58 in Milwaukee.

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Congresswoman Gwen Moore: “An African American woman who very much understands our experience…It is our job to be inspired about the aspirational prospects of this partnership.”

In an interview with WISN in Milwaukee, Moore also called Harris “absolutely perfect.”

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Congresswoman Gwen Moore: “She’s absolutely perfect.”

Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes highlighted Biden’s commitment to “building an inclusive America” on WTMJ in Milwaukee. 

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Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes:“My first reaction was thinking about Joe Biden’s commitment to building an inclusive America. Her commitment to equality, fairness and justice…People remember and know her as someone who has been a fighter.”

State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski discussed her backing of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate on WSAW in Wausau.

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Wisconsin State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski: “I think Kamala bringsills this unique perspective of being a woman of color and being very involved as an Attorney General and representing the law enforcement and legal entities…They want someone who is going to fight for them and not special interests. And we’ve been seeing the mismanagement of COVID and how money has not been actually going to those that need it most, and Kamala Harris has a record of fighting for working people.”

WDIO in Duluth highlighted Wisconsin State Senator Janet Bewley’s support for Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate.

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Wisconsin State Senator Janet Bewley: “Kamala is our future. I think it’s a wonderful blend of experience and the ideas of the future.”

Congressman Mark Pocan discussed his admiration of Harris on WKOW in Madison.

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Congressman Mark Pocan: “You can tell that she’s the real thing…I think that warmth, sincerity, intelligence and compassion will come through and I think that will help motivate voters in Wisconsin.”

State Representative and congressional candidate Amanda Stuck praised Harris on WBAY in Green Bay.

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State Representative and congressional candidate Amanda Stuck: “Certainly as a woman who speaks to fourth graders, I know I’ve had young girls ask me if a woman can truly be president, so to see a woman be picked for this position it really sends a message I think to young girls and women everywhere that they can dream big, that they can attain these positions.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:Wisconsin politicians react to news that Biden picked Sen. Kamala Harris as vice presidential candidate

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday announced U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris of California as his running mate for the 2020 election after weeks of speculation over his pick.
Reaction from Wisconsin leaders poured in Tuesday as many Democrats hoped Harris could help Biden win over the swing state.

Biden leads President Donald Trump in Wisconsin, 49% to 44%, among likely voters in the fall, according to Tuesday’s Marquette University Law School Poll.

In June, Harris participated in a virtual Biden campaign event for Milwaukee, and two years ago she campaigned in Wisconsin with Sen. Tammy Baldwin.


Here are some key parts of statements other Wisconsin politicians released:

Governor Tony Evers

“Joe made a great decision in choosing Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate. This November is about returning kindness, respect, empathy, and decency back to the White House — those are our Wisconsin values, and they’re our American values, too.”

Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes

“Kamala Harris is no stranger to breaking through barriers and has never backed down from a challenge. As attorney general, she beat the big banks and cracked down on mortgage fraud. She took on the ban on gay marriage and helped change the law. She fought big oil to protect the environment and she’s faced down the gun lobby.”

Congresswoman Gwen Moore

“This is a historic moment — but Kamala is more than ready for the job. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will make an excellent team to restore America’s values and leadership both at home and abroad.”

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

“Kamala Harris is a tireless, fearless champion for the people. As we look to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, Kamala knows that we have to invest in workers — not the wealthy. Joe Biden made a fantastic choice, and I look forward to working with Joe and Kamala to deliver Wisconsin in November.”

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley

“Like many of us, Kamala Harris grew up believing in the promise of America. Kamala has distinguished herself as a fighter and will help to combat issues facing underserved communities and communities of color.”


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