Yesterday on the Earl Ingram Show, Congresswoman Gwen Moore spoke about the fourth plank of Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan to advance racial and economic equity. Key excerpts from the interview are included below:

“Joe Biden is somebody who has turned his pain and his lived experience and his hardship into the kind of person that has empathy, Earl, for people like you and me. He had the problem of being a single parent and commuting back and forth as a U.S. Senator. And he knows what it means to need child care.”

“His plan focuses on equity — equity. Recognizing that there is a 40 percent income gap between Black and white workers in similar jobs. Recognizing that we have the largest homeownership gap in the nation between black and white owners right here in Wisconsin.”

“He is going to put a racial laser beam on all of these issues. It’s not just going to be a housing program — it’s going to be a housing program that recognizes the inequities. It’s going to be manufacturing that recognizes the inequities in ownership and job opportunities and training. Each one of his initiatives is going to be layered in with an equity plan.”

“We are the beneficiaries of a candidate who stood side-by-side with the first African-American president and really had an opportunity to see on a daily basis on how that office could be used to enhance the prospects of African-Americans.”

“He is walking the walk and not just talking the talk. That’s why I’m saying, Earl, I am feeling hopeful. We got this terrible, dark cloud hanging over our heads right now — but there is hope on the way if we all pull our weight. And we’ve all got to be geared up to vote, and early vote when it starts… That’s the bare minimum that we owe each other to dig out of this hole.”

“He has not managed this virus — he’s sort of wished it away. But wishing the virus away is not going to work, and it’s not going to help for us to wish we had another president. We have to elect another president.”

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