As the Democratic National Convention continues, NBC Nightly News and the TODAY Show highlighted Biden for President’s critical outreach to African-American women in Wisconsin. Wisconsin voters spoke with NBC about what’s at stake in this election, the importance of turning out to vote, and the historic selection of Senator Kamala Harrisas Joe Biden’s running mate.

Watch HERE and key excerpts are included below:

Watch on the TODAY Show.
Denise Callaway, First Time Campaign Volunteer from Milwaukee: “If I’m being honest, when I saw [Senator Kamala Harris] walk out with him, I teared up — I cried. It is a moment in history that I don’t know I expected to see…It’s very important that as African-American women, we mobilize. Because there’s one thing that African-American women have learned when someone is the first. And that is that we all need to rally about that person that is the first, so we can make sure there is a second, and third.”

Tempest Booker, First Time Voter from Milwaukee: “I feel like my vote counts because the police brutality with our Black men — something needs to be done, because I have boys.”

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