This past weekend, volunteers and organizers in every corner of the Badger State called, texted, and talked with voters about why Joe Biden is the clear choice in this election 

On Friday, Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes kicked off an organizing weekend of action for grassroots volunteers working to elect Joe Biden. This past weekend, volunteers and organizers in every corner of the Badger State called, texted, and talked with voters about why Joe Biden is the clear choice in this election.

At Friday’s kick off event, Barnes and community activists discussed Vice President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan to create good-paying green jobs in Wisconsin and across the country. Key quotes from the organizing kickoff are included below:

Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes: “There is only one candidate for president who can lead our country toward a very real, equitable recovery — that’s Joe Biden… During the past three years, we’ve seen Donald Trump pull the levers of power — but only for the wealthy and well-connected… Joe’s put together a comprehensive recovery plan that incorporates racial equity and environmental justice. His plan includes proposals to create green jobs and invest in clean energy… Right now, we have a man in the White House who thinks climate change is a hoax. He’s tried to undo nearly all the progress we made in the Obama Administration because he cares more about oil companies and polluters than he does people… If you care about fighting the climate crisis, if you care about building an equitable and sustainable future, and if you care about creating millions of green jobs, we need you to get involved.”

State Rep. Greta Neubauer: “Over the last few days, I have read Joe Biden’s Clean Energy and Environmental Justice plans… As I read about his commitment to finally hold polluters accountable for the damage they have done, particularly in low income communities and communities of color, I thought about the people I met, as a young climate organizer, who had their mountains blown to pieces for coal in West Virginia… And the people right here in Wisconsin who are sick because we continue burning those fossil fuels in their neighborhoods… And when I read about the truly incredible commitment to create millions of good, union jobs that reduce inequality and stop climate change, I thought about Lydia, an eleven year old constituent of mine who is so fearful about her generation’s future, but would make a really incredible climate scientist or engineer… My community, Racine, and Wisconsin as a whole, need those good, union jobs. We have no time to lose.”

Angelito Tenorio, Wisconsin Conservation Voters: “We can’t stand on the sidelines. We need to be in the action… I truly believe that we’ve seen elections have consequences. That’s why it’s so important that we elect Joe Biden as the next president … He has an ambitious climate plan and environmental justice plan, and that’s why we need a Biden presidency… Joe Biden is going to fight for us and be a champion for us — fighting for green jobs and making sure people have opportunities to succeed.”

Darrin Madison, Jr., Youth Justice Milwaukee: “We currently have an opportunity to support a president who will champion green infrastructure, green careers, racial justice, fighting food deserts, and creating jobs in these dire times to continue this work.”


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