Yesterday, Congresswoman Grace Meng, a Democratic National Committee Vice Chair, Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul and former Olympic medalist and figure skater Michelle Kwan kicked off Wisconsin Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) for Biden — a statewide coalition of AAPI elected officials and community leaders and members who will mobilize AAPI voters across the Badger State. They were also joined by Biden for President National AAPI Vote Director Amit Jani and Wisconsin AAPIs for Biden Co-Chairs May yer Thao and Angelito Tenorio.

The launch of Wisconsin AAPIs for Biden comes on the heels of Biden selecting Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate — the first Black and AAPI woman to be selected as a vice presidential nominee.

“We are at such a momentous and pivotal moment for AAPIs in this country. This challenging and turbulent time for our country has shown that we need real leadership in the White House, now more than ever…Joe Biden and Kamala Harris embody the values of the Democratic Party and what it means to this country to have diverse leaders at the helm in every field, including our government… I appreciate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because they are not only committed to standing with AAPIs in our communities, but Joe Biden actually walks the walk. He understands the challenges that our communities are facing, from COVID-19, to hate crimes, to businesses struggling to stay afloat. They know what it is like to walk in our shoes…Vice President Biden and Kamala Harris are going to restore integrity to the White House, but they need our help. AAPI voters are crucial to winning the presidency in several battleground states, especially Wisconsin. No pressure, but you can make the difference,” said Congresswoman Grace Meng, a Democratic National Committee Vice Chair.

“Joe Biden wants to work to expand access to affordable insurance coverage for Amerians. That is important at any time, but it’s critically important now as we fight the coronavirus…We have all seen Donald Trump’s failure to lead when it comes to responding to the coronavirus outbreak. We need a leader like Joe Biden who understands how this is impacting people and who is going to take concrete steps to fight this virus, to protect medical providers and other first responders who are helping us fight the virus and to help protect people’s financial security…This is a country that has benefited enormously from diversity. We’ve benefited enormously from our immigration system. We need a president who recognizes that value, and Joe Biden is that candidate,” said Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul.

“As you heard from both the attorney general and Congresswoman Meng, there is so much at stake. It’s all up to you. We need to jump in and help…This week has been absolutely tremendous with the big announcement of Kamala Harris being chosen as Vice President Biden’s running mate. We may not be celebrating yet, but they make an incredible team and I know we’ll be celebrating on November fourth. Joe Biden knows that Kamala will be ready to tackle the work that is needed to heal our country on day one of a Biden and Harris Administration. I know that every little girl and every woman out there can see a little bit of themselves in Senator Harris…I often think of my parents, who immigrated to the United States with nothing but a seed of hope for a better future for their family, chasing what we all know as the American Dream. That is if you work hard and play by the rules, your dreams can come true. To me, that’s truly what’s at stake this election and that’s why I’m so proud to support Joe Biden,” said Olympic medalist and figure skater Michelle Kwan.

“Despite that we are in such challenging times, I do believe that this is such an opportune time for us to come together to make sure that our Wisconsin AAPI votes for Biden get out. And in addition to the exciting times of having this very direct impact of turning the tide of where our nation is headed. Even more exciting is the announcement of Senator Kamala Harris on this running ticket…I am a Hmong American from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am the first in my refugee family to  have been born here in this country…Our community here is a small but a mighty community. But yet, oftentimes, we continue to be overlooked. I believe that it is our time to rise and it is our time to shine to make sure that we are included,” said Wisconsin AAPIs for Biden Co-Chair May yer Thao.

“There’s so much excitement over the vice presidential running mate pick of Kamala Harris, especially her being the first Black and Indian American to represent California in the Senate. She’s someone who grew up believing in the promise of America and fighting to make sure that promise is fulfilled for all Americans…There’s so many accomplishments that she’s made in the AAPI community, for the AAPI community. As a member of the AAPI community like so many I mentioned, Kamala understands firsthand the unique and wideraging concerns facing the rich and diverse tapestry of ethnicities, languages and cultures that form the diverse AAPI community…We need a president and vice president who understands that,” said Biden for President National AAPI Vote Director Amit Jani.

“For far too long we’ve been overlooked and ignored, but not anymore. I’m proud to support Joe Biden because he would be the most progressive president elected. I’m so excited that he picked Senator Harris as his running mate, the first Black woman, the first AAPI on a major party ticket. Representation matters and Joe Biden understands that,” said Wisconsin AAPIs for Biden Co-Chair Angelito Tenorio.

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