Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is adding $15 million to its TV buy in a half-dozen swing states, including Wisconsin.

The campaign declined to say how much of the $15 million over the next week would be spent in Wisconsin. In addition to running ads in the Milwaukee, Green Bay and La Crosse/Eau Claire markets, as it has with past buys, the campaign is expanding its footprint to include Madison and Wausau.

The buy comes after the Biden campaign had spent $15 million over the past five weeks in those states — Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — as part of its inaugural buy.

The new ad running in Wisconsin and other states focused on COVID-19 with Biden urging people to wear a mask, keep their distance and limit the size of their gatherings, saying it’s the “right thing to do as an American.”

“We need a president who will level with the American people, a president who will tell us the unvarnished truth, a president who will take responsibility instead of always blaming otters, a president who will listen to the experts, follow the science, allow them to speak, a president who will lead and be an example for the nation,” Biden says.

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