“As a family small business and restaurant owner, I have been personally affected by the “Safer at Home” order. I hear the pleas of Wisconsin businesses who are affected by the pandemic, and I hear the pleas of healthcare experts who warn of the toll of re-opening too early, and the strain that will come with a rising number of infections.


It is worth noting that every single healthcare group who filed an amicus brief in the case decided yesterday supported keeping “Safer At Home” in place, and that Gov. Evers’ plan to “turn the dial” was based on benchmarks as put forward by the Trump Administration.


Those who brought the suit put politics above people, and science. This virus doesn’t care about court decisions or partisanship.


Four justices on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court yesterday took the extraordinary step – beyond what other states have done – and threw our government into a state of chaos by leaving much ambiguity in the specifics of the ruling.


This is not how our state government is supposed to work. When I represent you in Madison, I promise to always put you first and listen to your concerns. I promise to listen to input from the experts. And I promise to never ignore science.”



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