Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes cast Wisconsin’s delegates Tuesday night as part of a roll call that included participants from locations around the country.

Barnes touted Milwaukee, where he was speaking, as a community that’s been faced with significant challenges due to “historical injustice,” but has a “joy, resilience and opportunity.”

“We know that we build a better future for our nation by channeling Wisconsin’s legacy as the birthplace of the labor and the progressive movement and uniting around a bold and inclusive agenda that uplifts every community,” Barnes said.

Barnes said Wisconsin cast 30 delegates for Bernie Sanders and 67 for Biden, “In the pursuit of a more just future, one that recognizes health care as a human right, one that tackles the climate crisis and takes on racial and economic justice.”

In casting the state’s delegates, Barnes first referenced the former vice president as “Joseph Bidens” before catching himself with a laugh and calling him “Joseph R. Biden.”

Watch the video here.

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