The president has seen little movement among minority voters during the past year of Marquette University Law School Polls compared to how Donald Trump fared with them in the 2016 election.

But his standing among white voters has dropped compared to four years ago, helping explain why he trails Dem Joe Biden in Wisconsin, said poll Director Charles Franklin.

Trump’s campaign has focused on issues such as school choice in Wisconsin in an appeal to minority voters and sought to criticize Joe Biden for his vote on the 1994 crime bill. But just 8 percent of Black voters and 34 percent of Hispanics support the president against the presumptive Dem nominee, according to the Marquette numbers.

At this weekend’s GOP state convention, Trump adviser Katrina Pierson accused the media of distorting Trump’s message and refusing to show his positive work with minority communities. She also charged the media refuse to report Trump’s poll numbers are in the 40s with minorities.

In the June Marquette poll, just 11 percent of Black voters and 20 percent of Hispanics approved of the job Trump is doing as president. Still, those voters groups were a small subset of the overall sample, meaning the numbers are subject to a significant margin of error.

At the request of, Marquette poll Director Charles Franklin compiled responses from Black and Hispanic voters in the surveys from August 2019 through June for a more statistically significant sample.

Franklin said the numbers for minority voters are susceptible to swings in each individual poll because they are such a small part of the overall sample. Aggregating the 10 polls dating back to August, when the survey started asking the head-to-head question in the presidential race, helps smooth out outliers and provide a more accurate picture, he said.

The aggregation found:

*12 percent of Black voters approve of the job Trump is doing, while 82 percent disapprove.
*37 percent of Hispanic voters approve of his job performance, while 59 percent disapprove.
*among whites, the split was 49-48.

Paired against Biden:

*8 percent of Black voters back Trump, while 81 percent support Biden.
*33 percent of Hispanics support Trump, while 55 support Biden.
*for whites, it was Trump 47, Biden 46.

Even with the aggregation, the margin of error for the numbers with Black voters is plus or minus 7.6 percentage points and plus or minus 9.9 percentage points with Hispanic respondents. For whites, the margin of error is plus or minus 1.9 percentage points.

Those numbers are largely in line with exit polls from the 2016 presidential election. They found Trump won 6 percent of Black voters in Wisconsin, 34 percent of Hispanics and 53 percent of whites.

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