Below is a statement from Mary Jonker, Chair, Wisconsin 1st Congressional District Democrats on Bryan Steil’s HR 6201 (Families First Coronavirus Response Act) “NO” vote:

“Bryan Steil’s callous, cold-hearted and irresponsible vote against the overwhelmingly bipartisan Coronavirus (COVID-19) response package is beyond the pale. Though we have continually asked him to stand up to Donald Trump and the president’s inane policies and proclamations, we hardly think that this was the right time to begin doing so.

“While we scratch our heads and wonder why Rep. Steil knowingly and purposely put the lives of thousands of Wisconsinites in grave danger, we are comforted that – without his support – the following will happen:

  • All Wisconsinites, including those without insurance, will receive free Coronavirus testing if needed
  • Wisconsin’s workers can receive up to two weeks of paid sick leave and up to three months of paid family and medical leave
  • Furloughed Wisconsin workers will receive stronger unemployment insurance
  • Wisconsin’s children and seniors who rely on SNAP and other food programs will not go hungry
  • Low-income Wisconsinites who rely on Medicaid will be better served

“Representative Steil – the people of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District voted for you to serve in their interests – and in their interests alone – in the US House of Representatives. We sincerely hope you begin to take that responsibility, and your oath of office, seriously.”

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