Two former top legislative leaders say House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry in DC doesn’t help Democrats in Wisconsin.

“Impeachment is bad for Democrats,” said Scott Jensen, the former GOP Assembly speaker who helps promote school choice around the country. Jensen noted that anytime things focus on President Trump, “he seems to do well.”

As to the hearings taking place, Jensen said: “They’re not going to move any people.”

Chuck Chvala, the former Democratic Senate majority leader, said Trump “will win in the Senate.”

“It will not go well,” said Chvala, suggesting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will stop just short of voting on impeachment. “I think she will figure that out and pull out.”

The two are featured in a weekly web show called “The Insiders.” They appeared at a luncheon last week at Spectrum offices in Milwaukee.

Chvala and Jensen also agreed the suburbs are a weak spot for Republicans next year. Jensen, however, said he thought the impeachment drive could further unite Republicans, while Chvala was emphatic that Trump’s tweet against the former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, would lead moderate Republican women to vote against Trump or not vote.

They also both suggested Trump could lose the state and Republicans could hold the Legislature.

“In terms of competitive races, we could easily– not easily– but we could very well have a situation where Trump were to lose the presidency in Wisconsin and yet have a positive impact on Republicans statewide,” Chvala said. “That’s not absolute– there’s a lot of water to go under the bridge.”

“[W]e saw that in some of the other states,” Jensen added. “You mentioned Kentucky where the news headline [was] that the Republican governor was defeated by 5,000 votes. Underneath that, for the first time in the history of the state, every other office statewide [went] to a Republican and the Republicans’ margins in both chambers are strong.”

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