WAUKESHA – The recent op ed by Rep. John Nygren in the Wisconsin State Journal
(https://madison.com/opinion/column/john-nygren-opioid-deaths-down-but-fight-is-far-from/article_49abc3ed-2612-53c5-a862-8e916b55dde2.htmlfbclid=IwAR1ZstaorsZoc3f3Vp2hL5jEQlfiIIUr3egevCMVf6n59WHYlflq1pgwGRM) highlights the important work that needs to be done in Wisconsin to combat the opioid crisis. While opioid deaths have decreased in 2018, the battle is far from over.

The Recovery Community in Wisconsin – those in recovery from addiction and mental health, family members, loved ones, supporters and allies – continue to lead statewide efforts and know what works when it comes to solutions.

Earlier this year, recovery-focused legislative priorities were shared with representatives during the first annual Recovery Alignment Day at the State Capitol in April. The event, sponsored by WIS Hope and Helios Recovery Services, saw over 200 attendees, including state legislators and representatives, Attorney General Kaul and LT Governor Barnes. Importantly, this community event was a catalyst for the introduction for parts of new HOPE legislation being introduced by Rep. John Nygren.

Upcoming bills that support the legislative priorities shared at Recovery Alignment Day include: reimbursement for peer recovery coach services under the Medical Assistance program and coordination and continuation of care following an overdose, registration of recovery residences and amending the disciplinary action against a state employee who is
receiving medication-assisted treatment. Additionally, it will create a much-needed nationally standardized scope of training, service and supervision for recovery coaching services in WI which will elevate the field and bring more help to the ongoing addiction crisis.

“With these bills being introduced, we will build bridges of understanding and hope for someone seeking or in need of help,” says Peter Brunzelle, a person in recovery and Executive Director of WisHope, a Recovery Community Organization that provides resources, education, treatment, and recovery housing support to Wisconsin communities
and individuals impacted by addiction and mental health.

“We are excited to reignite the momentum from Recovery Alignment Day and encourage everyone to contact their representatives to support these bills and others that need to be introduced to help end the opioid crisis and support recovery.”

Visit the WisHope website and Facebook page for more information.

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