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Evers’ History of Anti-Business Rhetoric Risks Economic Uncertainty
[Madison, WI] – Governor Tony Evers and Wisconsin Democrats have never fully supported the success of Wisconsin’s Foxconn project. With the recent news that Foxconn is adjusting its original plans in response to changing global economic trends, Wisconsin Democrats are once again wasting no time in attacking the project and those in support of the jobs it will create. In response, the Republican Party of Wisconsin issued the following statement from Executive Director Mark Morgan:
“Throughout the campaign, Tony Evers made it abundantly clear he did not want Foxconn or the tens of thousands of jobs it would bring in Wisconsin. There should be no doubt, Evers’ failed leadership and history of anti-business rhetoric is creating a wave of economic uncertainty in Wisconsin. Governor Evers should be doing everything he can to promote and ensure the success of this project.”
Tony Evers’ Anti-Foxconn History
Evers criticizes Foxconn deal in first campaign ad. ““The Donald Trump-Scott Walker $3 billion deal for Foxconn might sound good, until you look at the fine print,” Evers says in the ad. The ad criticizes the deal for lacking requirements that Foxconn workers be Wisconsin residents, exempting the project from state environmental protections and for taking 25 years for the state to begin to recoup its investment. “Sounds good for Foxconn, but what’s in it for the rest of us? Just think if we invested that money in our schools instead,” Evers says.” (Mark Sommerhauser, “Tony Evers campaign ad hits Scott Walker on Foxconn deal,”Wisconsin State Journal, 8/29/2017)
Evers Said He Would “Revisit State Air Permits Given To Electronics Giant Foxconn Technology Group For Its Manufacturing Campus In Southeast Wisconsin” Because Walker Gave Foxconn A “Freebie.” “Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers says he would revisit state air permits given to electronics giant Foxconn Technology Group for its manufacturing campus in southeast Wisconsin. Evers told the Wisconsin State Journal in an editorial board interview Wednesday that he thinks Republican Gov. Scott Walker ‘gave (Foxconn) a freebie on air quality.’” (“Evers Says He Would Revisit Air Permits For Foxconn,” The Associated Press, 10/24/18)
Evers Slammed The Foxconn Incentive Package Saying, “‘Just About Anyone Could’ve Cut A Better Deal With Foxconn Than Scott Walker Did.” “Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers, the state superintendent of public instruction, believes the state could have done better. ‘Just about anyone could’ve cut a better deal with Foxconn than Scott Walker did,’ Evers said in response to questions emailed to him by The Journal Times. “With Foxconn, it’s been asterisk after asterisk and their end of the bargain seems to change by the day. It’s a lousy deal, and we’re going to have to hold Foxconn’s feet to the fire going forward.’” (Ricardo Torres, “Tony Evers Weighs In On Foxconn; Republicans Say He’s Putting Jobs At Risk,” The Journal Times, 9/21/18)
Evers called Foxconn deal a ‘hail Mary’ and said he would renegotiate what he could if elected. “Concerning Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturer proposing to build a LCD manufacturing plant in Wisconsin, Evers said he would renegotiate “whatever part of that deal can be renegotiated” should he be elected governor. He called the deal “a bit of a hail Mary pass,” saying an enormous amount of money would be spent without environmental restrictions and a guarantee on the numbers of jobs. “We know what’s going out, and we don’t know what’s coming back,” he said.The $3 billion incentive package for Foxconn, “cramps the state going forward” for future expenditures on projects like schools and roads, Evers said.” (Lisa Speckhard Pasque, “Evers: I’m a Plymouth Progressive‘”, The Cap Times, 8/30/2017)
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