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[Madison, WI] – Later tonight, Governor Tony Evers will give his first ever State of the State address. This address is meant to provide Wisconsinites an update on the overall condition of our state. Though you are unlikely to hear Governor Evers admit it, the state of our state is strong thanks to eight years of Republican leadership that reformed how government works and put the power back in the hands of hard-working families. Here are the top ten facts about the state of our state that will likely be missing from Governor Evers’ address:

  1. After eight years of Republican control, Wisconsin currently has more people working in our state than ever before.
  2. This past year, Wisconsin set a new record for historically low unemployment.
  3. Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is currently at 3% – marking the 11th month in a row that it’s been at that level or lower.
  4. Under Republican leadership, Wisconsin has added over 274,000 private sector jobs. Last time Democrats had control, Wisconsin had lost 133,000 jobs.[1]  
  5. Wisconsin Republicans turned a $3.6 billion structural deficit into a $588.5 million surplus, and our state now starts the new year with the second-highest opening balance since 2000.[2]
  6. Under Republicans, Wisconsin is fourth in the nation for highest overall healthcare quality and first in the Midwest.[3]
  7. After years of double-digit tax increases, Wisconsin Republicans have now saved our state’s hard-working families over $8 billion in tax relief.
  8. Under Republicans, typical Wisconsin home property taxes are lower today than they were eight years ago when Democrats had control.
  9. Under Republicans, Wisconsin’s rainy day fund is now a record setting $320.1 million – compared to just $1.68 million when Democrats had control.
  10. Under Republicans, Wisconsin has invested more actual dollars into K-12 education than ever before to give students the best opportunities to succeed.
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